The Christmas Spirit

‘Tis the season when the North Pole is at its busiest. Mr.Claus checking his ‘naughty or nice’ list and trying to keep up with technology to understand the kids’ “All I want for Christmas “ insanities while little elves work overtime to meet the fickle demands that pour in. It is also that time of the year when I go berserk about the evolving festivities all around me. The moment Starbucks swaps its mundane, nay lifeless “Jan thru October” cups to the Christmas-y holiday ones, my Christmas spirit kicks in.

Traditionally, I don’t come from a culture that celebrates Christmas. But I look forward to this season every year, equally excited. The onset of winter marks the first stages of this season. With daylight savings time being its irksome self with four o’clock in the evening seeming like eight, I know that the holiday season is near. Gradually, the conifers emerge all over the city with decorations challenging one another.

This year, I’m fortunate enough to witness Christmas from the holy city of Rome. A whole new experience! No photograph would ever do justice to the austere grandeur of the St Peter’s Basilica. The Herculean renaissance church at the heart of the Vatican City screams beauty in tranquility.

This year was not a salted caramel mocha and cozy blanket Christmas. This year was a once in a lifetime experience of witnessing Christmas in its purest form of divinity and utmost elegance. The season is less about about finding gifts under a tree and more about finding and sharing happiness with the people we love.  May this season bring joy and prosperity to all.

Merry Christmas folks!

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